Yesterday’s News according to Merlin

As this lesson unfolds we find Merlin and Arthur trekking through the mystical land of Camelot to enter the Questing Wode.  The Questing Wode has many symbols, strange beasts, treasures untold, magick, adventure and destiny.  Those who enter the Questing Wode are seeking guidance through many challenges and must be accompanied by friends because anyone…

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The Questing Wode According to Merlin

“Where did the name Questing Wode come from Merlin?”  asked Arthur. “Well, “wode” is another name for wood and “questing” is about finding the Holy Grail, which generations after generations have been seeking.”  answered Merlin, being secretly delighted that Arthur was curious about matters a true “King to be” should be! “The knights of the…

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The Law of Attraction and the 7 Great Principles of Life According to Merlin

Arthur and Merlin were sitting lazily on the bank of the river that ran deep through the Questing Wode.  Arthur was chewing on a blade of grass.  “Um, I wonder what it is like to be a King?”  Arthur murmured.   “Well, you will find out soon enough, but you still need some instruction before you…

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Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table

Merlin and Arthur found themselves far outnumbered in a tavern brawl, when Merlin (always knowing future events) yelled out, “Look out Arthur!”  Arthur looked up just in time to see a tavern drunk come flying through the air.  It looked like a losing battle; just when an enigmatic young stranger stepped into help Merlin and…

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Flying Fish Equals Love According to Merlin

“Was that a fish flying in the air? Arthur asked while scratching his head as he and Merlin navigated through the market place. Again, other fish went flying through the air, only this time he heard the fishmonger say, “Look out a red snapper flying to Cambridge!”  The energy around this small gantry was amazing…

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The Mystery of Paradox, Intuition & Symbols According to Merlin

“Your whole life is packaged inside you as an imprint triggered by words.  Say the word library to anyone and immediately the experience of going to a library and seeing books will be triggered.  So in reality a spell has been cast!”  Merlin said. “Is it fair to call something that was said a spell? …

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Going to the Dentist Can Be Fun!

Going to the dentist can be fun and relaxing when hypnosis is used.  In fact using hypnodontics can be like taking a mini-vacation.  Impossible you might think?  Well, guess again. Hypnosis can be used in the following ways: Relaxation Pain Control Anxiety Analgesia Anesthesia Gagging Nausea Bruxism/Clenching Controlling Saliva and Bleeding Tongue Thrust Reverse Swallowing…

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Dreams According to Merlin

“Ho there Arthur, you just about fell asleep and you have a bite on your line!”  exclaimed Merlin.  Arthur had been sitting lazily on the edge of a babbling brook and he kept drifting in and out of a dreamy state.  He really didn’t care about the fish on his line because he knew he…

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