Merlin on The Law of Attraction
The Law of Reflection

“Mortals are their own worst enemy.” pontificated Merlin. “Why, it has been written throughout the ages that this is a thinking Universe that we live in and you are either held in bondage or freed based upon your thoughts. Jesus completely understood this because he tells us that we are held accountable for every word we speak. No one who has ever lived, placed so much power in the word. Yes, first there is the thought and then the words come tumbling out before most even think about what they are saying. Words carry the mind forward and it is at this point experiences happen provided there is a lot of feeling attached to the word.”

“I know, I know, because you repeat this over and over again and yet so many fail to manifest what they truly want. They say they want something but deep within they don’t believe it can truly happen. So many mortals say it is different for others than it is for them!” exclaimed Arthur. “So, what can mortals do to get this completely etched in their brains? I mean this information was true ten thousand years ago! If we are going to make this work, it is because we must believe there is a power that creates from our thoughts and that thoughts are more than things. That thoughts are creative and everything that we have in our lives right now is a result of our thinking.”

“This is absolutely unequivocally and emphatically true Arthur.” said Merlin. Universal Laws run through every age and race and answers each and every one. If mortals would just allow themselves to see this, we would do away with a great deal of superstition and ignorance. Mortals wouldn’t have to fight over money, territories, relationships, have poor health and on and on.”

“But what if we don’t know what we want and feel we have to make a choice, what do mortals do then? inquired Arthur.

“It is so written in the Bible, “Be still and know that I am God. In other words be still in your own consciousness and know that the Spirit within you which is your non-physical Self knows which way is right and will guide you. If you will just stop and get out of your ego and the ego mind then what you desire will become a reality. The ego mind can only give you information of what has gone on before. It doesn’t have information about the future But Spirit does and works by giving you information through your intuition. You have to learn how to trust your feelings and be in a place where you don’t rush things and just let Spirit work out what is best for you.” Merlin replied.

“Alright, so we have to let Spirit guide us but what if there is an emergency?” questioned Arthur.

“If something comes to pass which needs an immediate response there is no thinking required because you will act spontaneously.” offered Merlin. “If you start to think about something and you begin to vacillate between thoughts then there is no urgency. Therefore just sit on your hands and be still!”

“St. Paul said, “We have the mind of Christ. This would mean that each mortal has immediate access to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, right?” Arthur asked.

“Ho Ho now you are getting it!” The word Christ means enlightenment. Yes, Jesus was an enlightened Master but he also said we could do the things he did and more!” Religiosity has hurt more people with its interpretation of what Jesus and his disciples shared with humanity and now it is time to bring the correct version of his teachings to light. Jesus was not a religionist, no he was a social reformer. He taught that what you think you become and his disciples proved this until he left this earth. Then the minutia and status quo began to take over again and his disciples once again became fearful.”

Synchronizing the Teaching

We live in a fear based world where doubt and fear must go and in its place begin to exercise our mind to have the confidence, the understanding and the faith that nothing outside of us controls our reality. Everyone and not just some automatically attract to each what they are. There is no power in the Universe but ourselves that can free us. Yes, someone may assist us on the path to realization but reality can only come through our consciousness.

You must bring yourself to the place in your mind where there is no misfortune, no accident, no chaos, no trouble, no confusion, no envy, no hate, no resentment, no anger, and no fear. And emphatically refuse to discuss anything of a negative nature with others! Now with that being said you may say, this is impossible! You are the owner of your mind and if you fully understand that nothing, absolutely nothing, outside of you creates your experience then you will be very diligent in controlling your thinking.

More and more scientific research is proving that your thought creates tangible experiences. If you want a great relationship you must first fall in love with who you are because you cannot enter into a healthy relationship from a faulty core. Based upon your thinking you resonate a frequency and others of the same frequency tune into this. Therefore you attract circumstances based upon the vibration you are sending out into the Universe. Every day using your own name state the truth about yourself that you come from greatness, you attract greatness, you allow greatness and you are greatness. This is very old wisdom from the Tao. Further you should completely let the past go, stop holding others hostage and state “No mistakes have been made, no mistakes are being made and no mistakes will be made!” This frees you and others from the past and allows you to go on. In other words renewing your mind so that positive and affirmative thoughts can begin creating a new reality. Emerson said that life is the mirror of king and slave. This emphatically means that your reality is a reflection of the thoughts you hold deep within and that Universal Spirit or Intelligence mirrors your beliefs.

In fact the ancient seers of old used to instruct their students to place their hands over their hearts and repeat “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful me.” This teaches us that what is mentally held, this will be our experience.

“Act as though I am and I will be.”

If you want to change the reality you are experiencing right now you must begin
imaging your ideal experiences and to enjoy them in your mind first. Believe in your image not as something non-sequential and illusory but as a reality, as an experience you are now living in. The subconscious mind will act upon your desire because it doesn’t know what is real or imagined. Therefore at least for five minutes a day you must focus on your image of the end result until it becomes a reality. If your ego mind tries to interfere this is the very time you must hold firm and state that it only knows what took place before in your life and does not know what you know about thoughts becoming things.

Attracting tremendous success, vibrant health and loving relationships can be yours even if you have not experienced this before. It is always your thinking that creates your reality. Ancient seers, philosophers, and new thought teachers have written about this over and over again and you may think as I did that they just got rich from writing about it. But I know now that this simply is not true and you have to prove this to yourself. You have nothing to lose except agony, hardship and unhappiness if you will apply yourself. You must catch your thoughts and neutralize them immediately when they bubble up and replace them with what you want.

Unless this is possible to accomplish, then what others have written about throughout the ages is a mistake and a delusion. Unless there is a Divine Principle, Universal Soul or Intelligence then this whole way of thinking is a complete crock. But it isn’t and the thing that you must do is to completely understand that Universal Intelligence can do nothing for you unless you allow it to work THROUGH YOU!

We can do more toward saving the world by proving Universal Law and the Power of Thought than all the charities that keep man’s thinking stuck in lack! This will set all of mankind free, so remember Spirit is your Silent Partner in everything you do, so have faith in the evidence that things seen come from things unseen. And rise superior to the world’s thinking and create a new pattern. Blot out all false beliefs, ideas and thoughts that man is limited, poor and miserable. Refuse to align with failure or to doubt your own power. Look at only what you wish to experience and look at nothing else.

We even today have individuals who didn’t fit into the world’s mold and who are exceptionally wealthy and happy. Whoopi Goldberg who grew up in New York, labeled as dyslexic, quit school after 8 days in the ninth grade is estimated to be worth $45 million dollars. Do you know that she daily would read acceptance speeches for the Oscar and thanking everyone! This became her reality – yes she won an Oscar. Yes, she followed a desire and yes she has applied herself and taken the necessary training. But the simple fact that she overcame societies norms and followed her desires is what is important!

Sly Stallone wouldn’t give up his dream of acting and he not only was the lead actor in Rocky, he wrote the screenplay after being hypnotized by Gil Boyne, the hypnotist to the stars. Sly proved the power of thought!

Bo Derek who never graduated from high school, is a philanthropist, animal rights activist with an estimated net worth of $50 million is proof that dreams do come true. She didn’t fit into the status quo and she has even been the brunt of so much criticism and much to her credit, she is quoted as saying, “It doesn’t matter what others say, it is only what I think!”

Although Richard Branson came from English royalty he moved to a beat of a different drummer. His estimated worth is $4.2 billion and he was labeled as dyslexic, a poor student and he left Stowe School at the age of 16. Again he didn’t fit into the structure of societies norm. Now he is tagged as a “Transformational Leader.” I could go on and on about others Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver and more.

You could say it is the mavericks or the mutants that change the world but I think it is those who chose to follow their bliss as Joseph Campbell used to say. Maybe it does take courage but if you do follow this teaching you will be amazed! If at first you don’t succeed don’t quit, don’t allow your ego mind to take you back to find an excuse why you can’t achieve greatness, because it can and it will. The whole concept here is that these individuals refused to let the world do the thinking for them.

So blot out any remembrance of lack, limitation, want or fear of failure. There is no failure, no person to fail because failure is neither person, place or thing. It is a false thought and has no truth in it except your belief. If you think and speak your word trusting that the Universal Intelligence will act upon it and know this, feel this, see this, you will overcome anything that you have experienced before.

Stop worrying about the economy, your weight, your money, your relationships and begin right now to build your self-confidence, talk to yourself about being happy, joyful and light in your thinking and forget about the doom and gloom. Others think they know but don’t you think that whatever is keeping our planet on course, identifying what becomes a tree or a baby knows more then humanity? Trust in this invisible source that is the invisible part of you!

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