A Team Survival Simulation Game!


Due to reality shows like the ever popular Survivor, team building simulations are in demand for companies that offer their employees an entertaining training session that provides thought provoking education in leadership, team building and management.

Marooned will whisk your team away to the South Pacific on a cruise ship that stops at an uninhabited island with a beautiful beach and uncharted mountain terrain.  

 Your team members become the vacationers who wander off and ultimately get left behind.

 As the vacationers meet back up on the beach and discover they have been left behind, the adventure begins!

They talk among themselves . . . .  

“Surely the crew will realize we are missing and will return immediately to pick us up!”

Won’t they?  


 In the meantime, those left behind will need to survive  . . . . . . .

 Only if they team up!  

 However, not everyone is on board with being marooned!

Here’s your chance to turn a boring conference room into a tropical paradise!

This Team Building Adventure gives work teams a chance to:

  • Be Creative in challenging and thought provoking situations!
  • Allow imaginations to run wild to fire up originality!
  • Illuminate group synergy!
  • Build self-confidence and morale!
  • Build Persuasive Communication Skills for a win/win result!
  • Turn a crisis into an opportunity!

If you are new to this type of training you will be amazed how this can bring your team together for future success!

Here’s why this type of training works:

  • Teams experience first-hand the exciting benefits of group thinking and discussion.
  • Simulations provide teams with a safe, non-threatening environment for solving team conflict.
  • Within the context of a plausible but imaginary team challenge, team members are free to discover and learn how their behavior effects others!
  • Simulations spark new learning that is transferred back into the workplace!
  • Working together to solve team problems creates a bond that lasts forever in the minds of your team members.
  • Teams practice vital processing skills that are reinforced through interpretive material, focused discussion and action planning!

Can the team work together?

Will the team survive?

This adventure is an excellent means of showing team members how to understand and improve the fundamentals of team dynamics.

Allow 2 – 21/2 hours for your team’s adventure.

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