Flying Fish Equals Love According to Merlin

“Was that a fish flying in the air? Arthur asked while scratching his head as he and Merlin navigated through the market place. Again, other fish went flying through the air, only this time he heard the fishmonger say, “Look out a red snapper flying to Cambridge!”  The energy around this small gantry was amazing…

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The Mystery of Paradox, Intuition & Symbols According to Merlin

“Your whole life is packaged inside you as an imprint triggered by words.  Say the word library to anyone and immediately the experience of going to a library and seeing books will be triggered.  So in reality a spell has been cast!”  Merlin said. “Is it fair to call something that was said a spell? …

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Dreams According to Merlin

“Ho there Arthur, you just about fell asleep and you have a bite on your line!”  exclaimed Merlin.  Arthur had been sitting lazily on the edge of a babbling brook and he kept drifting in and out of a dreamy state.  He really didn’t care about the fish on his line because he knew he…

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