Do You Live in the Past, Present or the Future?

Right now at the same time, touch your nose with your right hand and touch your toes with your left hand.  You will experience this as a simultaneous act, but here is the

Mystery . . . .

It is proven that it takes more time for the signal to travel up the neuro-pathway from your toes to your brain than it did from your nose! So  . . . . .

The answer to this mystery is remarkable but simple . . . .

You actually live in the past!

Research shows that . . .

  • An 80 millisecond lag time exists before information reaches your CONSCIOUS MIND!




Why is this so important?

It isn’t your conscious mind that controls all of your experiences because if it did you could simply say stop to :

  • Phobias
  • Irrational Fears
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Negative Thoughts and so on

Your Subconscious Mind

Controls Your Total Mind

which controls your  . . . .




So when you are in a trance your conscious mind is resting while the subconscious mind is brought forward so to speak where hypnosis is used to change your subconscious script to bring you success!

Your mind is a magic place and athletes, celebrities, advertisers, psychologists and hypnotists know that if you imagine something over and over again it becomes a pattern in your mind.  Why is this important?  It is the way the brain represents experience whether it is real or imagined.

We have to get in touch with the part of the brain that controls what we do, i.e. walking, talking, breathing and hundreds of other automatic behaviors to get us through our day.  In order to achieve our goals, work through challenges and sort out our beliefs we have to get in touch the emotional part of our mind (the subconscious mind).  We are constantly imaging scenarios in our mind and listening to ourselves talk to think through what we want.

Almost all the world-class athletes are making extensive use of hypnosis (trance) because it gives them the competitive edge, gets them into the zone and improves their performance immensely.

Not only is visualization (hypnosis or imaging) one of the most widely accepted techniques in sports psychology, it is supported by incredible amounts of scientific research.  The power of visualization (hypnosis or imaging) was proven in the famous study conducted at the University of Chicago several years ago.  A group of college basketball players with approximately the same skill level were divided into three groups and asked to shoot baskets.  The percentage of successful baskets made was then recorded.  The players where given some out of the ordinary instructions:  The first group was told not to practice or play basketball for thirty days.  The second group was told to practice shooting baskets every day for one hour for thirty days.  And the third group was told not to go on a basket ball court and to only mentally (visualize) practice shooting baskets for an hour a day for thirty days.

At the end of the thirty days, the players’ skills were assessed.  Not surprisingly, the first group, who hadn’t practiced at all, made no improvement in their performance.  The second group, the group that had practiced every day on the court, improved their performance by 24 percent.  But the most remarkable finding of all was in the performance of the third group.  The group of players who had not set foot on a basketball court for thirty days and who had only imagined shooting baskets, had improved their performance by a phenomenal 23 percent!  The percentage of improvement almost match the group who improved their performance by 24 percent!

It has been scientifically proven that hypnosis (trance) leads to actual physical changes in the neuro-pathways, nerves and muscles. There is a mind/body connection that explains how mental changes not only affect physical changes, but also deeply ingrained patterns and beliefs.  By using positive mental imagery (trance) it has been found that a person develops a new self-image, new self-confidence, new skills, overcomes habits, overcomes fears and phobias, post traumatic stress disorder and so on. So what can we learn from the power of trance and the subconscious mind?  It is that mental imagery and hypnosis works!

The mental blueprint that you hold in your subconscious mind becomes the reality that you experience in your life.  This is why using positive imagery like professional athletes is so important to change imprints in your subconscious mind to create success.

So you absolutely can turn on the magic in your mind by imagining what you want.  How do you know what is going on in your subconscious mind?  By the experiences you encounter every day.  How you think or feel about something and the messages you give yourself day after day is what your subconscious mind believes is true for you.  Your personal history also has an impact on your reality and you can change all this by imagining something different for yourself and writing a new script in your mind.

Then imagining over and over again (creating a self-hypnotic trance) what you want as your reality to imprint the subconscious mind which begins orchestrating events to bring about a new reality for you.

Yes, your mind is that powerful!  All you have to do is try it for yourself and you will see your life change as if by magic!

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