A Corporate Soap Opera

Could your company use a little magic?  Let Cody share her expertise and knowledge of how to tap into the creative energies and talents in the workplace.

To begin, your team members are given a survey to determine how they communicate their desires in certain settings dealing with conflict, creativity, production, spontaneity, difficult personalities, insecurities, mistakes, obstacles, etc.

Who’s Team Are You On is customized to teach techniques in communication, team building and creative thinking using improvisation. Improvisation allows your team to understand how to turn negatives into gifts and truths rather than to fall back into clichés or fail.  The only failure is when someone is not present and participating in a team effort.

The basic concepts are agreement and the ability to listen, remember and recycle each other’s ideas.  This shows your team how to show up for productivity and how stepping away from age old skills makes them feel just a little special and like they have a responsibility to make a contribution to the company.

You will see the power of connections and agreements in this work during the interactive play acting of the personality parts your team members play in this Corporate Soap Opera!  Using improvisation to turn potential conflicts and misunderstandings into positive and creative conversations for transforming business and personal relationships into dynamic, exciting and productive interactions.

With today’s emphasis on team-based and collaborative management and decision making, communication can make or break an organization.

This seminar features the twelve preferences and their influence in the workplace along with an in-depth look at the six core issues; communication, team culture, leadership, change, problem solving/conflict, resolution and stress.  Helping your team members to better understand how their behavior influences their success is paramount to your success.

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