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World Class Speaker Corporate Trainer Hypnotic Entertainer/Comedy Hypnosis Shows Clinical Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist

I have a reputation as a premiere provider of corporate training and entertainment. My customized seminars for corporations teach techniques in communication, team building, leadership skills, understanding the psychology of your customer and creative thinking. My process of teaching persuasion, agreement, building upon ideas and turning a negative into a positive make for great sales strategies and customer relations while using humor to draw the parallels that exist between the world of comedy and the corporate work environment.

With more than thirty years of experience as a Registered Clinical Psychotherapist with an emphasis in hypnosis, I know what it takes to bring out the best in others.  As a therapist, I specialize in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Subconscious Dynamic Therapy.  I also combine a rich personal and professional background with my knowledge and practice of hypnosis, psychology and NLP.  I received my certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the National Board of Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic Anesthesiology; certification in NLP Comprehensive Master Practitioner from NLP Comprehensive; a Doctorate in Homeopathy from the Hahnneman Institute of Homeopathy, a Doctorate in Religious Studies and 90 hours toward a Doctorate in Psychology from American Pacific University.

I am best known for my internationally published books “Hypnotic Secrets of Persuasion – How to Sell Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere,” “The Secret Matrix of Persuasion,” “Revenge of the Wounded Child,” “The High Magic of India” and “Consciously Creating Wealth.”

I opened a men’s custom clothing store on $2,000 and parlayed it into a $500,000 business in just five years back in the ’80’s! My clientele which ranged from professional athletes, celebrities, professional men and women to those from all walks of life taught me a lot! I integrated the strategies that hypnotists, psychologists, wealthy marketers and advertisers have known about influencing decisions to create winning results both for my clients and myself!

Partnering with Boeing, Comstor, Firstbank, CU School of Medicine, ABWA, NAPW and many more as well as appearing on FOX 31, KUSA 9, Wisdom TV and hosting the Dr. Cody show on 103.1 FM for over 3 1/2 years in Denver has given me a world of know-how!


Keynote Speaker/Motivational Speaker/Conference Speaker/After Dinner Speaker/Business Speaker/Marketing Speaker/Sports Speaker/Leadership Speaker/Health and Lifestyle Speaker/Team Building/Sales Building/Master Of Ceremonies (MCs)/Corporate Entertainment/Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Jack Canfield, Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of  The Success Principles says this about my book “Consciously Creating Wealth:”

“Consciously Creating Wealth is a brilliant book which integrates ancient wisdom and modern science to show how you create your own reality.  It brings you new insights that are profoundly clear.  More importantly, you are given actual techniques you can use to transform your life.”

Josette G. Harris, Ph.D., Director, Clinical Psychology Internship Program/University of Colorado Denver says this about my expertise:

“The students were completely captivated by your presentation and demonstrations.  Following the few hours we spent with you, a number of students indicated they will seek out other opportunities to learn about hypnosis as an important clinical tool in their future work.  Thank you again for your willingness to share your expertise with us.  I hope that we will have another such opportunity in the future.”

With special training in entrepreneurship, meditation and the mind/body connection, I have helped tens of thousands of people like you to achieve incredible inner-transformation — making the way for wealth, wisdom and success!

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