What People Are Saying

“I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for youroutstanding presentation given to the employees at UNIPAC!”   

Marilyn Bernstein/Denver, CO

“Cody, your show was absolutely amazing—you kept everyone spellbound!” Our Friday nights have never been so packed!”  

Hanna, Gary & Todd

Heavenly Daze Brewery/Denver, CO

“We received great feedback from everyone’s who’s lives were touched by you. It was a pleasure to have you at our fair!”

Shanti Toll

Celebration Productions/Colorado Springs, CO

“Cody is the most creative and entertaining guest we’ve have ever had on our show!”  

Lights on with Nancy Lee

KCOL/Ft. Collins, CO

“Cody demonstrated her hypnotic techniques live—right on our show! It was unbelievable!”  

Cheryl & Dan Show

JC55/Camloops, BC, Canada

“Cody, you were sensational!!! How do you do this?”

Al Grevelle

CJAD/Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Cody Horton Ph.D. is an outstanding speaker and also has an excellent gift for writing. Her book is entertaining, uplifting and positive. She provides great strategies for living a successful life!” 

Barbara Robinson

WEAA-88.9FM/ The Business Reachout/Baltimore, MD

“Without question the best guest this show ever had!”

Dave Paris

KVON/Plugged In/Napa, CA

“An outstanding guest! A gifted communicator, fast-thinking, quick witted offering thought provoking strategies for the new millennium!”

Darryl Steen

KFH-13.30FM/ Alternate Perceptions/Wichita, KS

“World Class! Amazing! There’s no one Cody can’t hypnotize!”

Brother Weez & Cindy

WCMF-96.5FM/ The Morning Circus/Rochester, NY

“This guest is so good . . . our phone lines were jammed with callers!!”

Diana Jordan

KXL/The Book Page/Portland. OR

“. . . You’ve got to think big to succeed big. Cody Horton Ph.D. teaches people how to dream big and turn those dreams into reality.”

Bill Horan

WHPC—90.3 FM/Secrets of Success Nassau College/Woodbury, NY

“Your show was awesome—everyone is still talking about it!

Down Under Comedy Club/Greeley, CO

“Cody blew them away with her unbelievable hypnotic techniques while keeping everyone laughing hysterically with her brilliant wit.”  

Jesse Frees

WMTR-1250 AM/ Your New Jersey Connection/Florham,Park, N.J.

“Everyone had a great time—you’ve really got to see it to believe it!”   

Golden Fire Department/Golden, CO

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