Master of Ceremonies

Are you ready to have the best ceremony, from fund-raisers to award banquets to celebrity roasts to bar mitzvahs?  The key to an amazing and awe-inspiring event is having an exceptional Master of Ceremonies!

Imagine this!  From the very first moment your guests begin to arrive until the final applause, YOU have a lot at stake regarding a successful outcome!

So you want someone who can send a powerful message to your audience in a humorous and entertaining way!  Why?  Because you want an event that your audience will RAVE about for years to come and one that will ensure next year’s attendance to be even greater than ever!

Cody Horton – Master of Ceremonies

“Cody blew them away with her unbelievable hypnotic techniques while keeping everyone laughing hysterically with her brilliant wit.”  -Jesse Frees—WMTR-1250 AM/ Your New Jersey Connection/Florham,Park, N.J.

“Cody Horton is an incredibly talented and engaging motivational speaker!  Her ability to communicate her creative information and to work a crowd is off the charts!”  -Sharon Cooper/Sharon Cooper Associates Ltd

As Master of Ceremonies, here is what Cody can do to make your event a huge success!

  • Cody instantly connects with your audience using incredible humor because humor is the one thing that creates an immediate bond!

  • She will start your event off with a big bang getting your audience fired up, exhilarated and excited to get involved in everything you have planned.

  • Her humor is light and catchy setting the tone for an evening that is both memorable and inspiring.

  • She will introduce your conference, your presenters and your special guests so that your audience will be psyched about what they are about to experience.

  • Remember professional introductions give your program the credibility it deserves.

  • She will also cue your guest speakers beforehand to make sure everything runs smoothly by integrating your theme and vision for your event.

  • She will also work with your senior management team to deliver a more entertaining and rich presentation so that your audience will walk away with an unforgettable experience to be remembered for years to come!

  • It is important to keep your event running seamlessly and ON TIME.  Many times presenters have a tendency to “grandstand” and it becomes difficult to stop them from going on too long. So Cody can handle this with equanimity and grace to keep your event from becoming monotonous and tedious.

  • Cody will provide humor using information that you have given her regarding funny quips about your team and guests.

  • Because Cody has interviewed thousands of guests on her radio show she knows how to keep discussions and conversations going smoothly.

  • An unforgettable send-off is just as important as opening your event so Cody can deliver a thought-provoking message that your audience will absolutely LOVE!

You want to create an event so memorable that people will want to come back year after year.  Yes, the best events are when your audience has bonded, shared laughter, shared serious topics and had an all around great experience!

Think About It!  Whether your event is a corporate affair, fund-raiser, roast or graduation party, you want your audience to take home a message that is profound as a result of attending your event.

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