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This is a hypnotic power program to use while you sleep to re-script your subconscious mind to achieve the ultimate powerful success image!


This is a concise yet comprehensive workbook showing you how to use the Federal Laws that are in place to challenge what is being reported on your credit file.  Using the Federal Law allows you to dispute items and since you are legally using the law, this is how you are able to have negative information removed from your credit file.



  • But with that being said, fixing your credit is NOT a SPRINT, it is a MARATHON!
  • It is also an educational process that you should emphatically familiarize yourself with!
  • Good credit allows you to live more peacefully and gives you the benefits that those who do not have good credit wish they had!
  • Everyone deserves a second chance, and this is your chance at a do over!
  • It is about investing in yourself and your future!

I researched the consumer protection laws and repaired my credit which has gone from 650 to 801 in a year and a half. I did not want credit cards and I liked paying cash for items.  But this made me what is called a “ghost” and I had to jump through hoops and provide two valid forms of identification and a public service bill to rent a car from Enterprise Car Rental because I wanted to use my debit card.

So, I decided to apply for a couple of credit cards and to my surprise I wasn’t credit worthy.  So, I set to work to increase my score and to change my score from 650 to 801.  I also began helping a few friends repair their credit by getting a lot of their negative information deleted.

I have learned a lot about the process and you too, will be happy that when you delve into the world of credit repair you will find there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about collection agencies, public records, credit reporting agencies, credit repair companies, credit counseling companies and the consumer laws. You may also read online that it doesn’t matter how you dispute the information on your credit report.  This is absolutely not true!  If you dispute online, you are circumventing the law and the credit reporting agencies don’t have to adhere to what is being disputed.  There are several factors regarding information being reported and it is important to read your credit report thoroughly to note inaccurate information.

You will discover how to challenge the verification and validation process of credit reporting agencies and collection agencies using the federal law.  You will also discover cutting edge insider secrets that attorney’s and credit repair companies charge $750 – $2,500 to repair your credit.  You will also discover the $1,500 secret, attorney’s use to remove bankruptcies, liens and judgments from your credit report.

This is a process although and since the law allows companies 30 days to respond this makes this process lengthy.  However, with that being the case, it is still worth your while because you learn how companies don’t follow the rules and how you can take back your power!

DIY Credit Repair


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