Believing Creates Magic According to Merlin


Arthur yawned and stretched as the new day dawned.  “Umm . . . something smells terrific,” he murmured.

Arthur began reaching for a piece of stewed potato when Merlin slapped his hand away.  “Stop for a moment Arthur, the food isn’t quite done yet!” snapped Merlin.

“Alright, alright Merlin . . . sometimes you are such a grouch!”  Arthur exclaimed.  “I thought you said that we were to stay balanced and even tempered and yet ye old wizard sometimes you baffle me!”

“I know Arthur there are times when I slip into the dark side of sorcery but I soon come out of it knowing that we create our own demons and inner fears.  And if you give into this dark side it is only because you fear something.  So you have to immediately have a change in consciousness so that you can experience life’s magic.  You have to believe in the Great Mystery which is where the Great Spirit resides.”  Merlin pontificated.

“You are talking about the void that existed before time, right Merlin? inquired Arthur.

“Yes, that’s right Arthur.  Most mortals believe there are only three levels of existence, the body, the mind and the ego.  But when mortals begin to awaken they will find there is so much more that is non-physical.  The void may seem as though it is devoid of life but it is the void that contains the magic.  In fact, ancient teachings show us that the darkness or blackness means many things but it doesn’t mean something evil.  Out of the darkness come answers that can bring about a new reality and that new reality can bring about wealth, wellness and happiness.  Do not try to figure out the why for you cannot.  Just know that there is a power of a great unknown mystery that you must accept, as it is a gift from the Great Spirit.  And above all do not try to explain the power of the Great Mystery because this will limit your power!”  Merlin instructed.

 Merlin’s Wisdom

Cultures have forgotten the magic life and the reason so many people live in fear is because they have bought into a marketing program by those who are in fear.  You can experience extraordinary magic in your life but you must begin believing in yourself and challenge the intellect that insists that magic is not real.

We live in a thinking Universe and since we are thinking beings that cannot stop thinking, doesn’t it make sense to begin to consciously think the thoughts that will carry us toward our dreams?  Universal Law says that we walk through what we think about most.  Whatever you are experiencing in your life right now was first a thought. Everyone automatically attracts to her just what she thinks about most or rather BELIEVES to be true.  There is no power in the Universe but ourselves that can free us.  Someone may show us the way but what we experience can only comes through our consciousness.  So many people believe that something outside of them controls them when in fact it was what we believed inside that created our experience.  We have always had the ability WITHIN to change everything and attract what we want into our life and to free us from experiences we don’t like.  Yes, you may say this sounds all well and fine and that you have tried to imagine what you want to experience but it JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN.

So the question is:  Did you imagine something better for yourself only to doubt it, thereby neutralizing the experience?  An ancient saying, “To the man who can perfectly practice inaction, all things are possible.”  This is showing us that the person who can be so laser like focused, is the person who will achieve his desire.

Do not let anything cause you to doubt your ability to demonstrate the Truth.  YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT YOUR WORD IS AN ACCOMPLISHED FACT.  Spirit does not know anything about becoming, it only knows completion.  This is why it has been written so many times:

“Before they call, I will answer.”

“Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessings, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.”

“Be firm and ye shall be made firm.”

“Act as though I am and I will be.”

“As thou hast believed, so be it done.”

“Ask and it shall be given unto you.”

“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth, it shall prosper.”

Your ability to demonstrate depends on your ability to imagine what you want, keep focused on your desire and BELIEVE that what you want can happen.

It is the BELIEF that creates the magic.  It is not the BELIEF that GOD will answer your prayer but rather it is the BELIEF that you have been given the ability to impress your thoughts upon the Unified Field or the Great Mystery Void.  One of the great mystery’s is that nothing exists for us until we put our attention on it. Nothing is real unless we make it real.  Nothing can hurt you unless you BELIEVE it will.  Refuse to have your feelings hurt.  Refuse to listen to other’s complain.  Refuse to listen to negativity of any kind. Refuse to listen to limitation.  Most of mankind dwells in limitation and fear.  And if you are one of those individuals then a very good exercise to dwell upon is the magnitude of the Universe so that you expand your consciousness.

When Jesus said, “Resist not evil.” he was talking about non-recognition of negativity.  If you persist in focusing on negativity this is what you experience.  In other words what you resist persists.  What you refuse to entertain regarding negativity will no longer be there in your experience.

Your part in the whole scheme of life is to be ready to use the power of BELIEF in everything you wish to accomplish.  Replace all doubt and fear with faith and confidence that you can ACHIEVE what you BELIEVE.  If you are going to make this work you must realize there is a power in the Universe that has run through every age, every culture and every person.  There is nothing between you and Spirit because you are Spirit.  There is nothing between you and God.  Contemplate the fact that there is a Divine Intelligence that knows the right answer and the mind we use is the Mind of the Universe.

St. Paul said that “We have the mind of Christ.” which means that each and everyone of us has the Mind of Divine Intelligence and the Mind of the Universe.  So there is only a limitation in how you define what you want not a limitation in performance.  You cannot achieve what you want if you have a limited BELIEF or a limited BELIEF of why your desire cannot happen.

There is great FAITH in FEAR.  FEAR that you will lose your health, FEAR that you will lose your possessions, FEAR that you lose your job, FEAR that you will lose your money, FEAR that you will lose a relationship. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR yes BELIEF in FEAR.  FAITH and BELIEF looks only at the end result.  Never wavering or doubting.  FAITH and BELIEF only look to the invisible knowing that FAITH is not HOPE but FAITH is substance.

Anything you can dream of is not too great for you.  If it brings happiness and joy into your life you are in alignment with Spirit.  Never think of how you will achieve your desire.  Think of the ultimate idea but never the process.  Imagine your desire as an already accomplished fact and continue to remain confident and calm, never looking for results, never wondering, never becoming anxious, never worrying and remaining focused. 

Always state your desires in the present as there is no such thing as time or space in the non-physical realm.  Everything is happening simultaneously and in the now.  If you state your desire as something in the future than it will be maintained in the future.  Now I know you have heard this over and over again but it bears repeating because this is the only way we demonstrate.  A gardener doesn’t say I will plant this seed tomorrow if he wants to start his garden.  No he plants the seed and patiently waits for the fruits of his labor.

To end with today’s wisdom remember Jesus said, “When ye pray, BELIEVE that ye have and ye shall receive.”  So continue to affirm every day that, “There is ONE UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE and this supreme INTELLIGENCE GOVERNS, GUIDES AND PROTECTS YOU in what to do, when to do it and how to do it.  Everything necessary to the full and complete expression of your desire is yours and you can rest in complete BELIEF, FAITH AND ASSURANCE that Spirit’s abundance is yours.  KNOW IT, FEEL IT, SEE IT, AND BE IT.

 You come from GREATNESS


You attract GREATNESS


Ancient TAO Wisdom

Please note:  I am thanking you in advance for posting your comments.  They are all read so just know that I really appreciate your efforts even if you do not hear back from me.  Blessings – Cody

Believing Creates Magic According to Merlin

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