The Mystery of Paradox, Intuition & Symbols According to Merlin


“Your whole life is packaged inside you as an imprint triggered by words.  Say the word library to anyone and immediately the experience of going to a library and seeing books will be triggered.  So in reality a spell has been cast!”  Merlin said.

“Is it fair to call something that was said a spell?  inquired Arthur. 

“What else would you have me call it?  Merlin questioned.  Before Arthur could speak Merlin continued on.  “When a word is spoken its intention is absorbed.  Words can allow us to break out of old habits and limited identification but they can also create something new not just limit.  Words carry psychological meanings and through words parents make children feel good or bad, right or wrong.  The most powerful expressions anyone can use are yes and no.  The effect of these two syllables is to build boundaries or break them down.  Everything you think you can do has a yes buried somewhere inside it, usually uttered by a parent or teacher in the distant past.  Everything you think you cannot do has a no buried in it, from the same source.  This creates a paradox.”

“Why would this create a paradox?” asked Arthur

“Because although words tell us who we are, we are still more than what they say.  The wizard uses words to say yes to things that we have been taught to say no to.  On one level, that is what this book is doing,” remarked Merlin as he held up his book of spells.  I am teaching you a new way of thinking to replace the old meanings that everyone has grown up with.  But there is still a deeper mystery here.  Words enfold both knowledge and intention; therefore, framing an intention in words is the first step in making it come true.  Two good examples are prayer and affirmation.  Affirming things such as “I am rich” or praying to God with words such as “Let me be cured!” is more than just expressing thoughts verbally.  Whenever a word is backed up by intention, it enters the field of awareness as a message or a request.  The universe is being put on notice that you have a certain desire.  Nothing more than this is required to make desires come true, because the computing ability of universal awareness is infinite.  All messages are heard and acted upon.”

“Mortals and wizards are not so different as you may think,” Merlin said.  “Both are sending their desires into the field expecting an answer, but in the case of mortals, the messages are garbled and confused. In the case of wizards, they are crystal clear.  No intention is ever ignored, but there can be obstacles to their fulfillment because so many conflicts are hidden in them, all the conflicts are within the human heart.”

Merlin’s Wisdom

To understand Merlin’s Wisdom, you must acknowledge that every intention leads to a result.  A wizard knows precisely how to inject intentions into the field and wait for them to come true.  Mortals are not that conscious.  Mortals are also constantly sending intentions into the field unconsciously and their desires get lost which is a waste of energy.  “You mortals believe you have to work at making your dreams come true,”  Merlin said.  “When in fact most of the work you are running around doing, prevents your dreams from coming true.”  “From a wizard’s point of view, the less effort expended, the better.  So begin to think more clearly, consciously, efficiently and orderly.  To do this, you first must eliminate habits of thinking that obstruct the universe’s ability to carry out your desires.”

The mind is full of pointless repetition.  It has been estimated that 90 percent of the thoughts anyone thinks on any given day are the same as those of the day before.  This is because we are all creatures of habit, worry and obsession.  Finally, the mind is full of subconscious static, tracking back to the very depths of infant memory.  You may pay attention to your conscious thoughts but in the background your subconscious mind is cranking out old fears, doubts and unfilled wishes.  In short all the things that didn’t seem to come true.

Intentions are simply desires and desires are linked to what you need.  Therefore all this activity of the mind that isn’t being fulfilled consists of old needs that didn’t get fulfilled.  Thousands of times in the past you have thought “I want” or “I wish” or “I hope,” but nothing seemed to happen, or else different things happened that were less desirable.

Mortals have wars going on inside of their heads daily which have turned into all those old, repetitive conflicts, and they will not disappear until you change.”

The first step toward change is recognition.  Recognize you have had at least a few hopes and dreams come true unexpectedly, without you really having to do anything.  Someone calls you on the phone just when you needed to talk to them.  Help has come from unseen sources and prayers have been answered.  All of this is happening in the unified field.  When you have an intention you send it into universal awareness and you are actually creating your reality as the sender of a message.

The problem most of the time is that you overlook results that are too subtle, that don’t immediately fit your goals, that don’t coincide with your ego judgments about what SHOULD happen.  “You mortals live in the world of “should of and what if!” Merlin said.  “I live in a word of what is.”   “So every day take some time to notice the contents of your mind.  This act of noticing, although very simple, is one of the most powerful steps to bringing about change.  What you don’t see, you cannot change.

Your ego may not like admitting that you are filled with denial, conflict, mixed intentions, shame, guilt, and all the other confusions that cloud the mind and prevent it from seeing the reality of what is.  In fact, the ego prides itself on its ability to hide these things from you, on the pretext that you will suffer pain if you look into your mistakes, faults, and sins.

In truth, none of the mind’s darkness is sin,  “Always remember,” Merlin cautioned Arthur.”  “God does not judge only the mind does!”  Having your heartfelt wishes come true is what God wants for each person, it is our natural state as creators of our own reality.”

An Exercise for Your Intuition

A person wants to make a job change.  Her intuitive mind sends her a symbol of a burnt piece of wood.  This is very puzzling and she has no idea what it means.  If this symbol was sent to you in response to this question, how would you interpret its meaning?  Find a piece of paper to write on and please write down as many associations as possible to the burnt piece of wood symbol.

Now, think of a desire that you would like to have happen.  Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and allow your subconscious mind to give you a symbol.  Write down the symbol and interpret what you think the symbol’s message is.

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The Mystery of Paradox, Intuition & Symbols According to Merlin

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