Worry Makes Mortals Look Foolish According to Merlin

Merlin was lazily soaking up the sun as he lay in the grassy meadow commonly known as the Questing Wode.  He knew he was in some sort of trance, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  Nothing to think about or ponder like mortals would do, day in and day out.

Yes, mortals worry about this and worry about that but it always came out the same.  The worry didn’t do much of anything but to make mortals look like fools.

And get this, mortals think the world revolves around them, he thought.   “Arthur when you get to Camelot, I hope you have learned to live in the present moment because if nothing else I have taught you sinks in!”  exclaimed Merlin.  Mortals think they should do this and they should do that only to realize that all their shoulds didn’t amount to anything.

“I think you are being negative!”  Arthur chastised Merlin.  “Oh, you do, do you?”  inquired Merlin.  “Then let me explain more to you.”  Merlin said.


Merlin’s Wisdom


The only time a person has is right now, right here in the present moment.  This is where all experiences that a person encounters start.  The Universe acts as a mirror and believe it or not also establishes what someone will walk through.  You may think you have a right to certain beliefs or ideas but those change daily and what you once thought to be true can become an untruth.

The Egyptians believed that in order to enter a type of heaven the Pharaohs had to bring gifts to ensure they had a safe journey into the next world.   Now we know that the treasures didn’t go with the Pharaohs because we have found evidence in the Great Pyramids.  Civilizations come and go and with them, so do certain values and beliefs.

Therefore it makes sense to set a goal or an intention and then surrender it to the Universe.  Let the Universal Consciousness work out the details.  But even better than that, understand that the subconscious mind is connected to Universal Consciousness and what a person believes at a sublevel resonates and creates a form in the Universal Unified Field.  This is why the trance state is so important.  The trance state overrides the conscious mind with its fixed ideas.  Just because something was believed to be true 10 years ago or 20 years ago doesn’t make it true today, so it is important to let go of old patterns and establish new patterns.  People are constantly changing even if they try to resist change, change is inevitable.  When you were a small child, what was important to you then is no longer important to you now.

Universal Consciousness will also guide you if you learn to take some quiet time each day.  You will receive a message of some sort to guide you in the direction you need to take to fulfill your dreams. 

Through intuition, your brain calculates the potential of intersecting events so the knowledge of that intersection builds ‘within you.   The person you unexpectedly run into after thinking about them.  Chance?  The good feeling you had about promoting an untested leader proves to be true.  Coincidence?  Your primary customer calls just as you are looking up her number.  Synchronicity?  Many people find it easier and safer to believe in “just chance” before believing in some airy-fairy way of thinking that goes against conventional thinking.


A.  What’s Your Ideal Scene?


For example: My ideal scene for _____________, would be

  • What does it look like?
  • Who is in your ideal scene?
  • What are you doing in your ideal scene?
  • What does your ideal scene feel like?


B. Take a Time Out

  • Find a place to relax where you will not be disturbed.
  • Write down something you want an answer to on a 3×5 card.
  • Write down several scenarios that would work on 3×5 cards.
  • Place the cards face down.
  • Ask yourself as you pick a card (keeping it face down) is this the right decision.
  • Notice any IMMEDIATE feelings or images you receive.
  • Notice if you receive an IMMEDIATE yes or no answer.

Please note:  I am thanking you in advance for posting your comments.  They are all read so just know that I really appreciate your efforts even if you do not hear back from me.  Blessings – Cody

Worry Makes Mortals Look Foolish According to Merlin

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