Flying Fish Equals Love According to Merlin

“Was that a fish flying in the air? Arthur asked while scratching his head as he and Merlin navigated through the market place.

Again, other fish went flying through the air, only this time he heard the fishmonger say, “Look out a red snapper flying to Cambridge!”  The energy around this small gantry was amazing and the crowd was playful and loud as another fish went flying in the air!

“What is happening here?”  Arthur exclaimed! 

It was a controlled madhouse and fish were flying everywhere.  A fishmonger with a big fish hook in his hand was dancing around his fish shouting, “Who wants to buy a cod, a red snapper or a gaggle of clams?”

“Well, everyone is certainly having a good time and this is the busiest merchant in the square!”  remarked Merlin.  “You must understand Arthur everyone creates their own life and if they are happy it is contagious.  By the same token if everyone is a gloomy soul then that is contagious!” 

“But sometimes I don’t feel like being jolly and sometimes I think what mortals do is frivolous.”  said Arthur. 

“That very well may be, but why would you be less than happy and why do you think being silly is frivolous?”  questioned Merlin.  “Mortals are way too serious and get this, they continue to take life so seriously that no matter what they do, they are not happy.  Yes, there are times when life throws a mortal a challenge but that is the very time they must hold true to Universal Law.  Such as, keeping a balanced mind in the midst of chaos.  Because believe it or not, everything that a mortal thinks is so serious, will pass.  Life is too short to sweat the small things, mark my words Arthur you will see!”

Merlin’s Wisdom

The mind guides our footsteps as we travel the pathway of life.  But where do we look for guidance?  How does one achieve the pureness of mind that allows one to enjoy happiness and confidence?

A return to innocence is the answer.  Innocence leads to the precious love and understanding that we can give ourselves and offer to others.  Thoughts are energy and if a particular thought is persisted in, whether it is good or bad, it will produce the exact results the person persists in thinking.  Thoughts crystallize into experiences.  For example thoughts of grace and kindness solidify into happy experiences.  Thoughts of malice and greed solidify into circumstances of difficulty and challenge.  If you want success, abundance or freedom, begin to focus only on positive energy.  When you drop your thoughts of negativity you will find the world softens around you.

Mankind is resistant to change but change is always a constant.  In fact many beliefs that have been handed down were completely false and certain beliefs can come very close to destroying a person.

If you feel unlovable and no one can convince you otherwise you are locked in a battle with yourself.  That battle rages on within and becomes so ingrained that no matter what you do, you cannot succeed because you continue to view yourself as a failure.

Many individual’s attitudes are like dark shadows that follow them everywhere, along with thunderclouds of guilt. What is the answer?  Letting go of attachments to fear, worry, frustration, anger and guilt and becoming more focused on inner peace, trust, love and compassion.

Emotional Healing involves correcting our misperceptions and removing the inner obstacles to experiencing peace.  This begins with having a willingness to find another way to look at the world, at life and at death. And to have peace of mind as our goal and the willingness to forgive as our main focus.  It is discovering the value we have placed on holding onto grievances, blaming others, or condemning ourselves, then making new choices, to no longer find value in them.  Instead to find the value in ourselves, as Spirit or Universal Intelligence intended.

In Emotional Healing we believe that happiness is a choice and that our natural state is one of harmony, creativity and happiness.

The body is endangered by the mind that hurts itself.  We don’t often ask the question, what is the body?  And yet much of our thinking and behavior is dependent on how we answer that question.  There are some people who would answer that the body is only a glob of protoplasm, a form that continues to change and then eventually disappears.  Others might say that the body is but a temporary home for our spiritual being, which continues to repeat forever.  The big question is; how do we wish to interpret the body?  Do we choose to interpret it and the world only through its eyes or through the eyes of Spirit?  We believe in the illusion of separation, when we are holding onto the belief that the body is all there is and that when it dies, that’s the end of the line.  When we believe that we are spiritual beings, we can then see the body as a hologram; a vehicle that allows us to experience this dimension through the extension of love.

When we let go of the false sense of identity we associate with the physical form, our body becomes our friend. The souls selling fish in the market place weren’t just selling fish, they were giving love.  There was entertainment involved, a great product but most of all, it was the incredible “Spirit” of giving to another soul. 

Let go of the ego.  If we respond to the ego’s fears we will do everything possible to destroy our feelings of peace, seeing this as necessary for protecting the ego.  So if we are feeling peaceful, and all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, there comes a situation in which a challenge gets the best of us, we are consumed with fear and worry.  As long as we feel this way the ego is justified.  When we are feeling peaceful, the ego’s radar system immediately notices our state of peace and is always ready to find a way to put us into chaos.  This puts the body on alert.  Notice how your body reacts to the fear and worry.  By recognizing your internal responses you can change your experience immediately.  It is the peaceful and balanced mind that can counteract the challenge you are experiencing.  This also allows the intuitive process to begin working so that you can see with clarity what you need to do without having your ego always trying to protect you with fear.  The ancient seers would say to “keep your mind one pointed” because this creates “moksha” (liberation) which means freedom.  Yes, freedom to be as Infinite Intelligence guarantees you to be!

Ancient Tao Wisdom

I come from greatness

I allow greatness

I attract greatness

I am greatness

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Flying Fish Equals Love According to Merlin

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