Yesterday’s News according to Merlin

As this lesson unfolds we find Merlin and Arthur trekking through the mystical land of Camelot to enter the Questing Wode.  The Questing Wode has many symbols, strange beasts, treasures untold, magick, adventure and destiny.  Those who enter the Questing Wode are seeking guidance through many challenges and must be accompanied by friends because anyone who enters must beware, and be wise because death could very well be searching for you in this land that changes instantly with each of your thoughts!

Whoosh! “What was that?” yelped Arthur.

Merlin and Arthur were deep in a cavern in the Questing Wode.  Whoosh!  “There it is again!” cried Arthur.

“It’s merely a bat and we can’t see it because we are immersed in darkness.” commented Merlin.  “When a bat is hanging upside down it represents stagnation of the Spirit and a refusal to acknowledge your true destiny.  This is what mortals do day in and day out by living yesterday’s news!”  pontificated Merlin.

“So you are saying in essence that mortals are not living because they are so focused on past events that they are wasting their talents.” mused Arthur.

“Yes, Arthur you are correct in saying this and mortals should surrender to the death of stagnation and stop thinking themselves into a corner.  They focus so much on obstacles instead of magic and by the time they might decide to take a chance, the opportunities are gone and old age has set in.”  Merlin ruminated.

“For crying out loud Merlin, you make it sound so easy.  Mortals can just get up and start living a new life.  I don’t think that is reasonable!” exclaimed Arthur.

“You sound like most mortals Arthur.  Finding excuse after excuse after excuse to stay put where it feels familiar even if it isn’t comfortable and in their best interest.  Bat represents the death of an old way of living that doesn’t suit your soul’s journey here on earth.  Do you think it a coincidence that we traveled to the Questing Wode today? Merlin asked.

“Well, now that you put it that way, no.  So you are saying that all experiences are not mere coincidences but rather something we have put into the Law of Attraction that has now circled back for us to experience? inquired Arthur.

“Absolutely!” Merlin yelped! Whoosh!  Another bat soared by.


Merlin’s Wisdom


The Universe asks you to expand and grow and become your future.  If you are blocking yourself from your true destiny, you are blocking generations to come from reaching their destiny.  Whatever mortals do affects future generations just like their forefathers were responsible for laying down the foundation for their generation.

If our ancestors continued to live in the past where would be today?  Rubbing flint or sticks together to make a fire.  If you are concerned about yesterday’s news you are affecting your future by not living in the present.  The past stops you from looking further up the road.

Bats fly at night and in the night you dream and God sealeth your instruction in your dreams.  These can be dreams that build future civilizations so dare to dream and dare to go in the direction of your dreams.

The ancient Buddhist believed in reincarnation and Bat is considered the symbol of rebirth.  The Aztec and Mayans believed in the treasured medicine of the Bat.  Bat being the symbol of dropping the ego, dropping the past to connect with Spirit or Source of all that there is to follow your heart’s desire.

You can create incredible destiny by deciding that you will not listen to others who don’t match up to your frequency.  Everyone including you has a signature frequency or resonance.  This frequency attracts those of like mind or frequency to bring to you what you think about most.  The Law of Attraction brings all of the similar frequencies together to create a match.  And then you say, “But I didn’t want this.  I am trying to get away from this type of energy!”  Your experience is showing you that it is time to surrender what no longer works for you and focus, focus, focus, focus, focus, only on what you want.  Stop looking to the past to justify where you are right now.  Stop looking to the past to justify why you haven’t accomplished what you desire.  Stop looking to the past to justify why you should play it safe.

Decide right now to focus on what you want and then allow the Universe to bring it to you.  You have to firmly hold your ground because the ego which is based upon yesterday’s news will continue to give you reasons why you will fail.  When you have a negative emotion surrounding lack or thoughts of not having, you are depriving yourself of receiving.  And even more importantly, you must praise abundance wherever you see it, whether it is a person, place or thing.  If you hold others in contempt, you are pushing against those who are successful and you are contradicting your own good. And now you have just engaged the Law of Attraction to bring you what you emotionally have impacted on it with your thoughts, LACK!

If you listen to others, you will find that many repeat the same stories over and over again.  They repeat their tales of woe to anyone who will listen.  The majority of mortals are stuck in the victim mentality and when their lives become even more difficult, they blame GOD or something outside of themselves.  You may hear statements such as; if I win the lottery then I will have to pay a lot of taxes; I want to be wealthy, but rich people come by their wealth by skunking someone out of theirs; I would like to be wealthy, but I don’t want to be one of those wealthy people who take advantage of the poor and on and on.

What story do you repeat over and over again?  What yesterday’s news are you continually repeating as well?  We have trillions of thoughts which create trillions of thought forms, so what are you creating?  Whatever story you are repeating, make up another story and write down the exact opposite of your tale for woe.  Continue to focus on a new story until you change your reality and yes your destiny!

Remember this, the magic to using the Law of Attraction is appreciation.  If you are in a bad mood this is the very time that you MUST focus on something or someone you LOVE.  You may believe that you have the right to complain and that you have a legitimate reason but what you don’t know is that you just set the Law of Attraction into action to give you more to complain about.  You literally create your own reality so live in the now and let go of everything from the past that doesn’t carry you forward to a bright and abundant future.

GOD is love and love is the power of the Universe.  All is Universal Love but all is Universal Law.  What you project into the Quantum Field, the Law of Attraction gives it right back to you.  What do you choose?  It is all up to you!  Drop Yesterday’s News and create your destiny today!

Yesterday’s News according to Merlin

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