The Questing Wode According to Merlin

“Where did the name Questing Wode come from Merlin?”  asked Arthur.

“Well, “wode” is another name for wood and “questing” is about finding the Holy Grail, which generations after generations have been seeking.”  answered Merlin, being secretly delighted that Arthur was curious about matters a true “King to be” should be!

“The knights of the round table journey for months through the woods questing for clues and symbols that will one day solve the mystery of life.  But until this happens mortals continue to drift back and forth in mediocrity!”  Merlin pontificated.

“Why do mortals have such a difficult time just living?” inquired Arthur. 

“Because they don’t really believe there is such thing as the Questing Wode.  The Questing Wode is within and mortals continue to travel to exotic lands overcoming many obstacles with great exertion on their part and I might add, when the journey should be within.” remarked Merlin.  “For example Sir Galahad’s quest for the Holy Grail is to find it, but not to return with it.  Anyway a return would be impossible because it doesn’t exist outside of us as I said before.  Now when someone sends a hero on a quest it may have an overt reason in order to remove him from the scene for a time.  A lot of times, knights were sent on a very difficult journey into a land of adventures, tests, and magical rewards.  And many times the knight would even be sent across a body of water to test his powers because his travel may result in falling off the edge of the Earth.”  Merlin continued on.   “The significance of their encounters were to really become worthy but again, it is really the inner struggle for a sense of purpose and reason.”

Merlin’s Wisdom

Beware the Thief of happiness, the Critic Within 

In her out-standing book Liberating Everyday Genius, Dr. Mary-Elaine Jacobsen writes, “The false self is a powerful adversary, one whose sharp-tongued admonitions can be heard in every situation of self-doubt, a foe that keeps us from our true selves and sometimes distances us from others.”  She also wrote, “Magically, when there is no enemy within, there are far fewer without.”  If there was ever a great sales pitch written for investing time and energy about working on yourself, that statement is it!

The Critic Within begins to harp and belittle us, and when this happens, we should not hesitate to yell “STOP” and send it back to its dark corner, properly chastised for doubting us.

 The Critic Within is the thief of happiness, self-acceptance, self-esteem and peace of mind, and is far more influential than any critics we encounter around us.

A fable of Liberation

There is a story told of an obviously weary traveler, walking down a dusty road, with a large boulder hoisted on one shoulder, a knapsack full of bricks slung on his back, a huge pumpkin precariously balanced on his head and a cluster of thick weeds and vines wrapped around his legs so that he could only take short, wobbly steps.  As you might imagine, this human packhorse was hobbling along, agonizingly stooped over, making his progress slow and tedious, and creating a huge physical struggle.

 A mortal sitting by the roadside called out and asked, “Say, why are you burdening yourself with that big, heavy rock on your shoulder?”

Incredibly, the traveler thought, “Hmm.  You know, I never noticed just how heavy it was until you mentioned it. I really haven’t given much thought to my reason for carrying it with me.”  After a few moments’ pondering, the traveler set the boulder down, left it by the side of the road, and walked on, a bit taller and a bit quicker.

 A little further along, he encountered another bystander who queried him about the knapsack full of bricks.  “Hmm, I’m glad you brought it to my attention,” said the traveler.  “I really hadn’t paid any attention to what was in the knapsack.”  He took out all the bricks, left them on the roadside, and walked on.

 A little further along, a curious child playing by the road called out to him.  “Hey mister, why do you have all those weeds wrapped around your legs?”

The traveler took out his pocket knife and cut away the weeds.  One by one, the bystanders had made the traveler aware of his needless burdens.  And, one by one, he accepted this new awareness, rejecting his old burdens by abandoning them on the side of the road.  Finally, he was a truly free man, which allowed him to walk straight and tall!  Were his problems the boulder, the bricks, the weeds?  No, not at all.  The one problem was his lack of awareness of them. 

If you are someone who needs to perform everything to perfection or be the perfect person at all costs, stop carrying around a mental image of yourself as the person who must do this bar none!  Celebrate your successes, small or large, recognize and build on your strengths, and continually remind yourself that you are not your mistakes.

The word “esteem” literally means to appreciate the worth of.  Why do men stand in awe of the stars, the moon, the immensity of the sea, the beauty of a flower or a sunset, and at the same time downgrade themselves?  Did not the same Creator make you?  Is not the human being the most marvelous creation of all?  This appreciation of your own worth is not egotism unless you assume that you made yourself and should take some of the credit.  Do not downgrade the product just because you haven’t used it correctly.  Just like the schoolboy, who said, “This typewriter can’t spell.”

The biggest secret of self-esteem is this:  Begin to appreciate other people more; show respect of for all other human beings just because he or she is a child of Universal Intelligence/Source/Spirit and therefore of value.  Stop and think when you are dealing with people.  You are dealing with unique, individual creations of Universal Intelligence/Source/Spirit.  Practice treating other people as if they have value, and surprisingly, your own happiness and self-esteem will go up. I guarantee it! For real self-esteem is not derived from the great things you’ve done, the things you own, the mark you’ve made, but from an appreciation of yourself and others for who you really are – an incredible creation of Universal Intelligence/Source/Spirit.  When you come to this realization, you’ll find contentment, peace and happiness.

Maya in the true sense of the word is this: behind the illusion that we are all separate there is one Unified Field that connects us all.  We all originate from this Unified Field.  Because of this you have the ability to influence others in a positive way just by thinking.  When we have a thought, it creates a ripple in the Unified Field just like a pebble thrown into the water.  The ripple moves until it hits the shore and then ripples back to it’s source – us!  Whether it is a positive or negative thought, it doesn’t make any difference, you will walk through what you think.

 The Questing Wode then is the journey to finding your True Self and letting go of the false self.  Your True Self is the Holy Grail.

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The Questing Wode According to Merlin

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