The Law of Attraction and the 7 Great Principles of Life According to Merlin

Arthur and Merlin were sitting lazily on the bank of the river that ran deep through the Questing Wode.  Arthur was chewing on a blade of grass.  “Um, I wonder what it is like to be a King?”  Arthur murmured.  

“Well, you will find out soon enough, but you still need some instruction before you gain that title!”  Merlin remarked. “It is coming very soon that you will reign over Camelot and over lands that surround Camelot.  In fact you will defeat the Saxons and bring peace and prosperity to the land and the people.  You will marry a lady of extreme beauty and you will have loyal knights that will die for you!”

“Um, that is quite an assertion Merlin!  How will this all come about!”  inquired Arthur.

“First things first!”  Merlin barked.  You must learn the 7 great principles of life and you will rule with fame and fortune! You will be initiated into the world of power but you must preserve the power so that it stays pristine.  Here are the 7 great principles that you must follow to the end of your days.”

  • The world is what you think it is.
  • There are no limits.
  • Energy flows where attention goes.
  • Now is the moment of power.
  • To love is to be happy with (someone or something).
  • All power comes from within.
  • Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

“I must emphasize that your kingdom must be ruled by living in harmony and integrating the three levels of consciousness, i.e. waking consciousness – the rational mind; intuitive subconsciousness – the emotional mind and lastly the super-consciousness which is your connection to the divine.  There is a vitalizing life force that animates everything and everyone and it can be used to heal the body, the mind and to achieve life goals.”  Merlin instructed.

“You will start the order of the Knights of the Round Table.  Each of your knights must take an oath to promote knightly conduct and protect the kingdom.  The oath is seen as a way to improve the trust of your subjects in your kingdom and also instill in the Knights to live up to the code of chivalry.  Mark my words Arthur, one day my powers will diminish and you must take the gauntlet!  In fact you will one day be forced to fight for your kingdom but you will be able to do this without me.  But before this, you will be given a sword, which is called the Excalibur as a gift from the Lady of the Lake. Only you and no one else will have the strength to pull Excalibur out of the stone where it has been wedged for centuries.  With the 7 great principles of life and with the Excalibur you will ever seek the cause of right and become the most noble knight in all the land!”  Merlin said.

Merlin’s Wisdom


From time immorial humanity has known that there is that something, that unknown greatness that resides within each and every one of us.  Many philosophers have asked the question, what is the meaning of life?  And life will answer, to express me!

Your left hand is your Heart.  Your right hand is your Voice.  Your left hand knows the answers and your right hand asks the questions.  Raise your left hand and know.  Raise your right hand and be heard.

People have a tendency to be good.  People have a tendency to be loyal, but if they aren’t, it is only a trance . . . you just need to create a deeper one.  How do you do this? 

Well, you ask yourself if you can live the 7 great principles of life, reminding yourself daily to stay focused on them.  We tend to see the world only in one dimension – the physical, so remind yourself that there is more to you than what is between your hat and boots.  Remind yourself that this world is only a dream and you can change that dream whenever you want.

Keep in mind the 7 great principles; drop the worry and fear and you will see a world, your world transform into something unimaginably great!  This takes a courageous person, this takes the courage of a knight and this takes the courage to walk your own path.  The mavericks and the mutants are the ones who change the world.  Go beyond convention and dare to claim your rightful inheritance and live like you have never lived before.

Energy flows where your attention and intent is placed. It is the intention put forth that creates the pattern. Intention gives power to everything you do, even through words, because intention comes from thought, which in turn connects to the Universe.  Giving intent signals to improve things the way you want them to be.  Intention is about allowing for other possibilities by manipulating the quantum field of pure potentiality (you really are systematically moving energy with your thoughts).  The mind governs intentions that influence your external surroundings to attract what you think about most.

Hold your right hand up in the air with your fingers pointing skyward while thinking what your current situation feels like (for example, your current financial situation, your current relationship situation, your current health situation) while inhaling.  Then hold the other hand with fingers spread out and thinking, “how would it feel, or what would it feel like if this situation was changed?” while exhaling. This allows energy to flow to you to receive answers.

Remember you are perfectly okay just as you are and you are worthy of success in all areas of your life.  The first code Merlin taught Arthur who in turn taught the Knights of the Round Table is this: “work with the premise that the first principle works EVERY time.”   And secondly there are no exceptions to the first principle.  You are NEVER a victim (unless you want to think you are one)!  All power comes from within! Yes, really!

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The Law of Attraction and the 7 Great Principles of Life According to Merlin

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